It emerged from the work of three young musicians, who after meeting on the Swiss cultural scene, realized how helpful it is to learn from the musical ideas that come from different life experiences and cultures.

As a result of this process, they found the need, and then it came out a genuine interest: to make an exchange at a musical, social and cultural level between musicians.


To provide musicians, active participants in each orchestra of the project, the possibility of living musical experiences, as a complement to their training processes.

In 2017, we studied together with young Colombian and Ecuadorian musicians, aspects such as precision, tuning and the language of the culture of European classicism.


In 2018, in Switzerland we brought together European and Latin American culture.


In 2019, we developed 4 projects: these sought to deepen the way in which concert concepts are exposed, to bring all kinds of audiences closer to musical experiences, while we continue to promote joint work, and the exchange of knowledge in order to achieve cultural learning .

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